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In our clinic, we focus on your health, your comfort and above all - your smile. We strive to provide you with the latest technologies and highest quality materials. Our extensive range of dental services guarantees an individual approach to each patient, adapting to your unique needs and expectations.
Preventive Care
Basic Services
Examination, Consultation 120 PLN
Digital X-ray 40 PLN
Anesthesia 40 PLN
Adaptive Child Visit 120 PLN
Scaling, polishing, and fluoridation 300 PLN
Full hygiene (scaling, sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation) 350 PLN
Sealing 120 PLN
Extended sealing PLN
Lacquering, fluoridation 150 PLN
Restorative Dentistry
Filling a permanent tooth
1-surface 240 zł
2-surface 290 zł
3-surface 320 zł
Filling a deciduous tooth 180 PLN
Glass ionomer filling 180 PLN
Rebuilding a tooth on a glass fiber 420 PLN
Dressing 120 PLN
Composite veneer (bonding) 300 PLN
Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
Opening a tooth in pain 220 PLN
Pulp amputation in a deciduous tooth 120 PLN
One canal 350 – 450 PLN
Two canals 550 – 750 PLN
Three canals 750 – 950 PLN
Four canals and more 950 – 1200 PLN
Flushing of the gingival pocket 50 PLN
Splinting (one tooth) 80 PLN
Treatment of mucosal lesions 60 PLN
Whitening with Beyond Polus Advanced lamp 1000 PLN
Overlay whitening with individual trays 800 PLN
Whitening a dead tooth (each visit) 100 PLN
Acrylic denture 1000 PLN
Microprosthesis (up to three teeth) 600 PLN
Skeletal denture 1900 PLN
Denture repair 300 PLN
additional point surcharge +50 PLN
Lining (sealing the denture plate) 450 PLN
Denture reinforcement with mesh 300 PLN
Crown-root insert 400 PLN
Porcelain crown on base metal 1100 PLN
Fully ceramic crown 1700 PLN
Ceramic veneer 1700 PLN
Composite Inlay/Onlay 1000 PLN
Ceramic Inlay/Onlay 1300 PLN
Relaxation splint 650 PLN
Extraction - deciduous tooth 150 – 200 PLN
Extraction - permanent single-rooted tooth or root 220 - 270 PLN
Extraction - permanent multi-rooted tooth 330 – 550 PLN
Stitches removal 50 PLN
after the procedure in our office free of charge

Procedures and treatments not listed in the price list are individually priced.
This price list does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66, § 1 of the Civil Code.